40% Method. Is it against TOS?

Hello! I’m not sure if this belongs in Game Design Support but it matches my topic the best so yeah.

I was seeing all of these “40% method” videos on YouTube. And I was wondering, is it against Terms of Service? Will there be any punishment for the owner of a game (that was made in the owner’s group) buying something and getting 40% of what he bought back? Since I am pretty sure there is no punishment for normal players who buy something from the owner’s game.

Sorry if I make this sound confusing, it’s just that this has really caught my attention recently.


Just read up on that, don’t be surprised if there’s a patch soon
Although it’s not against terms of service, they’re still probably going to fix it


Yeah, wouldn’t be surprised honestly… Thank you for your response!

I dont think so actually

If you went into a game, PLS DONATE, or whatever, you would find at least 1 other player. Click that players name in the playerlist, examine their profile, click an item. Boom, you can buy it

You actually get a 40% stake from that

Roblox already has this system implemented
No punishments whatsoever, not that Ive heard of

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