400 bad request error

Hello, I am trying to make a discord webhooker, It normally works fine without the reason and the name but when I add them I get a 400 bad request error


local name = script.Parent.Parent.Name.Text
	local reason = script.Parent.Parent.Reason.Text

	local MessageData = {
		["content"] = "",
		["embeds"] = {{
			["title"] = "Booking Service",
			["description"] = "blah blah",
			["type"] = "rich",
			["fields"] = {
					["name"] = "Suspect",
					["value"] = name,
					["inline"] = true
					["name"] = "Reason",
					["value"] = reason,
					["inline"] = true
	MessageData = HS:JSONEncode(MessageData)


Discord has blocked requests from ROBLOX, you’ll need to use a proxy to send webhooks across to discord through, roblox.

I am using a proxy that the thing

To my knowledge you cannot process those types of “embeds” through that proxy. As I tried it for my payment center and had to work around it by doing it a different way which works, to my knowledge.

Although I had to create my own proxy to send those messages through, as you’re embed looks fine to my knowledge, although if you do think that there’s something wrong with your embed use this website to assist you.

Ill see if I get anymore replys if I don’t ill make this the answer

Discord blocks Roblox’s user agent. You’ll need to issue these requests via a proxy instead.

This may be of some use to you.

Already using a proxy, Idk what happing tbh