Discord Webhook Proxy

Hi all! I’ve put together a quick and simple webhook proxy that’s free, quick and easy.

After the recent situation with Discord Webhook requests being blocked from Roblox game server I’ve put together a fully compliant proxy that handles the compliance for you.

The service sticks to Discord’s 30 requests per minute and requests that exceed this limit are dropped. Discord has expressed that this type of service is acceptable as it complies with their rate limits.

How do I use this?

Simple! Just replace https://discord.com (or https://discordapp.com for older legacy hooks) with https://hooks.hyra.io in your code and your webhook will run through the proxy.

Further Example:




How reliable is this service?

As with all of my services I provide under my Hyra brand, this service is offered with solid uptime and automatic failover so you can trust this service to send mission critical data through to Discord.

What happens if I exceed the rate limit?

Your request will be rejected with status code 429 and a response body:

    message: "You are being rate limited",
    retry_after: 2000

retry_after is the amount of seconds you have left on the rate limit.

Headers are also sent over regarding the rate limit. The following rate limit headers are provided:
X-RateLimit-Reset - When this rate limiting window will reset
X-RateLimit-Remaining - How many requests in this window you have remaining
X-RateLimit-Limit - The amount of requests you are allowed in a window

The window is 60 seconds long.

Forbidden Use Cases

Due to previous abuse, the following use cases are no longer pemitted on this proxy:

  • Server Script Error Logging (any high velocity error logs such as exception logs) - You should use a proper error logging solution for this, not Discord
  • Chat Logs (any logs of player communication)
  • Player Join/Leave Logs (excludes join logs for admins of your games as long as these do not exceed rate limits)
  • Username/Password Phishing Attempts
  • Feedback/Admin Call GUIs without a debounce

If your hook is caught using the service for any of the purposes by the filter, your game will be permanently banned from the service.

Supporting the service

This service is not free to run. Many expenses are involved in this service including bandwidth expenses, compute expenses and IP address costs.

If you’d like to be a generous soul and support this service, you can do so via my Buy Me A Coffee link.

Let me know if you have any questions. :blush:


Great! I’ll implement this later; thanks!


Is this guaranteed safe and have a No-log Policy?

No-Log = You won’t log my data or my webhook when it is sent through this service.


Yes, this is 100% safe and there’s no logging of your hook token or the body contents of your message.

For full transparency and disclosure, the webhook ID (that’s the numerical bit in the URL) is retained and temporarily stored for rate limiting purposes. This is purely so that I can rate-limit the requests and is necessary for the operation of this service. This store is assigned a TTL (time-to-live) and is destroyed after a minute of no usage of the webhook ID.


Hey, this is pretty cool, I was wondering if you can open source this (or a version that’s specific for the public) on GitHub so I can see the code. I am interested in learning how to create proxies and might learn from this.


Sure thing. Here you go: https://github.com/hyra-io/Discord-Webhook-Proxy


Hey, you’re proxy doesn’t work for me and just gives me a error code, HTTP 400 (Bad Request)


Enable HTTPS.

Or the webhook/code may be invalid.


Did you submit the request with the correct body? This error code means that your request failed because you didn’t provide suitable data to Discord.


Do you plan to stop this proxy any time soon or will it be up as long as Discord blocks requests?


This is a cool fix! However you can just change your discord webhook URL from “discord.com” to “discordapp.com” this fixes the blockage.


They will most likely ban that way as well if people use it so really it is best to use a proxy for now.


Discord has patched this, I don’t think it was ever an intentional feature and was likely an oversight in their blacklist of Roblox requests.


Thank you! Works likes a charm, I just hope this doesn’t ever get blocked too.


Thank you for this! You’re a lifesaver.


Vouch. Thank you for making this.


I really don’t think that usage of proxies should be encouraged after Discord’s blockage of Roblox if the users of said proxies are going to continue to use Discord as a logging service, which it is not. This block is long overdue, and I honestly think it should be kept this way.

Misusing a platforms API, (e.g., trello as a database, discord for logging) is bad practice and those platforms have every right to block other platforms that they believe to be abusing, spamming, or otherwise misusing their API. I just think making workarounds is not the right thing to do here.


Most people say it is ok due to Roblox staff themselves saying that if you rate limit then it is fine. The main reason why they blocked Roblox is due to people abusing it (trying to break the rate limit and by sending lots of data stuff though) but if it is rate limited yourself then you have none of that issue.

You claim this is a work around but really it is not. Some people still used Proxies before and there is nothing breaking a law by using a Proxies. If you don’t know what proxie is it is just another way of sending instead of sending data directly (like someone else sending ur data instead of sending it urself). Some people groups depend on webhooks for things like autologs of admin commands so I really think it is quite fair.


This is so cool! I already use some products provided under Hyra, and this is such a good addition to your amazing suite of products. I’ll definitely be using this later when I need to use Discord webhooks.


Thank you so much for the proxy! Solera Hotels & Resorts will be using this, thank you so much again.