400 Bad Requests all over the place

The home page and all game pages just lead to a 400 Bad Request error, everyone is experiencing this.


just came from PF and people were talking about it

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And just like that it was all better


This issue has come up for me today. In this case it happens whenever I try to upload a Pants object to my group, but a friend of mine also receives this error anytime he attempts to upload a decal.


It is definetly not a local internet problem. Look at this downdetector page.


I’m experiencing this too. I can browse normally, and go to most games, however it’s slow. This one page seems to be a problem in particular with lots of users I’m talking to.

Well, when I clicked on a recently played game it popped that up but when I went to the creators creations it worked fine, but it still is a problem

My players are complaining about the 400 error. In addition, teleporting has become an issue in my game. Only a few are being teleported, while others aren’t able to. There are no output errors on the server for teleporting.

EDIT: It also appears that Roblox is showing several games with 0 players, when they do not:

I’ve been getting this off and on throughout today. There may still be an issue.

I’ve been receiving this when opening new tabs, I’ve reset my internet, closed my browser, etc. nothing works. It seems as if this is starting to hit the devforum too as I just experienced an error when trying to open this category.

Anyone else seeing the wrong games on the popular section?


I’m having a couple issues on the site currently.

The games are in a random order. The popular section is not the same.

Looks like a mess currently.
Never seen that before.

Also, the server list is not working.

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Adopt Me is nowhere to be found, but has 260k players when you search for it

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Roblox Critical?
I’m seeing these issues all over the place. games not loading when using server list.
Now the server list is broken

Edit: Outage chart

Credits: DownDetector


Due to this, I am questioning whether I should buy any items on roblox. Would this affect if I got the item/it took my money anyway?

I personally wouldn’t risk it.

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Roblox engineers are aware of the problem and are working on it!


The 400 error is no longer showing up for me when you click the game.

Some errors due to this :
Website failing to load
Games failing to teleport and crashing in the middle
Actions being stopped
Games failing to show correct amount of players
Extremely long load times if website actually succeeds to load


It appears to have been fixed ???question mark

Edit: Just realized the post was 3 years old lol. I assume people just searched for the error and decided to not make a new post. Bahahaah, the community is awesome.