[$400 / Wk or R$ Equivalent] Dunn Games is hiring a full-time experienced scripter!

Dunn Games Wants You!

Dunn Games is a veteran game studio looking to create memorable and high-quality interactive experiences.

From our early success with Color Craze (100 M+ plays) and our recent success with Farming with Friends (7M+ Plays), Dunn Games has a reputation on delivering high-quality front page titles. We are also participating in the Roblox Accelerator program to bring another title to fruition.

We’re looking for someone with the experience, time, and ability to elevate our studio to even greater heights!

The Team
@gdunn2 - Team Lead and CEO
@elocore - Scripter
@mutex_lock - Scripter
@daftcube - Scripter, Recruiting
@souup145 - 3D Modeling
@DreadNautical - Builder
…and various valued contractors!

The Position

We are looking for a scripter with the experience to pick up a 57,000-lined codebase within a few weeks and rapidly iterate upon it, adding large gameplay additions that integrate with the existing codebase. We expect our candidate to work roughly six to eight hours per day (except weekends or two days of your choosing) on a regular basis. While the hours are not strict, and we are happy as long as deadlines are met, we also expect you to attend daily check-in meetings when working.

A Candidate Must Absolutely Have:

  • 16 years old, or older.
  • Proven experience learning and extending existing codebases created by teams, demonstrable through large contributions to an existing game or open source project.
  • Proven experience creating dynamic vehicles and objects using Roblox’s physics engine, along with an understanding of constraints / body movers.

A Candidate for this Position Should Also Have:

  • Experience scripting user interface elements.
  • Strong written communication skills, including the ability to document code in a concise manner.
  • Experience developing for multiple target platforms.
  • Understanding of what makes secure code.

Our Perfect Fit Candidate Also Possesses

  • A proficiency with object oriented programming.
  • Experience with Roact or another monolithic UI framework.
  • Experience bringing one or more large games from concept to launch.
  • A proficiency with simple data structures, such as stacks, queues, heaps, and graphs.
  • A strong understanding of programming principles such as DRY and Separation of Concerns.
  • A sense of humor and good people skills! We like to have fun!


We are looking to pay 400 USD weekly through PayPal. We can also do the equivalence in Robux on a monthly basis. We are also open to looking at other payment options. This amount is negotiable . We will take into consideration your experience and skill. We are also willing to increase this amount over time, given that you are a good fit in the team, are able to put out quality features, and make a positive impact on the game.

Think you can bring us to the next level…?

We would love to hear from you!

Scripting Recruitment is currently spearheaded by @daftcube. Please reach out via Discord at [ Daft-Cube#0367 ]. If you do reach out, let me know in a reply below.

Please bundle all of your projects and previous works to show in a portfolio. This can be a Google document, slideshow, website, Github repository, Roblox game, Devforum post, or anywhere a viewer could easily see the works. A mountain of links is too hard to efficiently survey!

Any sample code provided is also appreciated, though please send it in a format that does not require the download of binary files. Pastebin, public Github repositories, or Discord markdown are all accepted.


Recruitment is still OPEN! We are still looking for scripters to fill this opportunity.

Added you, my discord tag is varjoy#4366

My Discord tag is GamesCell#2279. I am interested in applying for it.

I’m intested. My discord tag is scripterboy#9060

While I normally do not go onto other posts and comment on the pay I looked at this one and had to do a double take.

You are an already established studio with multiple successes on the platform and are looking for an experienced programmer to work for you 6-8 hours per day for 5 days each week for a pay of $400 a week/$1600 a month.

To put this in perspective this is roughly 13/hr if only working 6 hours per day, 5 days a week and 10/hr if working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. This is a disgustingly under-payed job not only for the field of programming but in general.

The average salary for a position like this is roughly $3000-$5000 USD per month. I highly suggest raising the pay or lowering the hours. And to all those thinking of applying for this position I would highly consider re-thinking as your time is valuable.


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