[40,000 - 60,000R$ per map] IRON SEAS hiring map designer/builder!


:anchor: IRON SEAS - Hiring a New Map Designer/Builder! :anchor:

Devine Studios is the game development studio behind the biggest Naval Roleplaying community here on Roblox, NRPC.

Iron Seas is our huge upcoming naval warfare game which will bring the full-scale warship experience to life. It is a massive multiplayer round-based game that focuses on the best aspects of action-packed naval combat.


The Job
As a map designer, you will be expected to design and plan out maps including features such as spawn locations, objective locations, boundaries, and routes. You will work closely with our gameplay programmer and the community to ensure the PvP maps are properly designed which can encourage gameplay diversity. In addition, you will be expected to design and build the aesthetics of the maps, with theming and atmosphere. The maps are terrain based and need to match our pre-existing art style and level of detail.


You will be working together with a modeler who can provide most of the props that you need, but you still need the ability to create some models and props of your own. You will mostly be working with terrain building, lighting, skyboxes, and map designing using pre-made props and models.

Should Have Traits

  • Experienced with the terrain editor and building/modeling maps
  • Good grasp of how to use lighting, skyboxes, and other aesthetic effects
  • Basic knowledge of map optimization
  • good communication - you will be expected to attend meetings, checkups, and respect deadlines.
  • previous map/level design experience in FPS games is a bonus

40,000 - 60,000+ Robux per map. Salary is negotiable and will strongly correlate with your previous experience in map designs and your performance.

:anchor: Contacts:

You can contact us via Discord.

Discord - Legenderox#2954

Please include the following:

  • Username/Contact
  • Portfolio
  • Brief description of why you would like to join our team

Thank you very much for reading. :slight_smile:


@Legenderox I just sent my stuff. I’m extremely interested. Thanks!

Hello! I am interested in this opportunity. Here is my portfolio. Hopefully I hear back soon! Please send me a DM on the devforum so we can discuss further. I love naval games and have done some work for similar games.

Hello I am intrested and sent a request on Discord.

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