[~45-65K R$] Looking for Weapons Engineer

Price is negotiable. Be prepared to offer examples and previous work prior to contacting.

Looking for Weapons Engineer

About Us

State of Firestone is a roleplaying state group that primarily focuses on realism. Currently, our development team is working on a version 3 of Stapleton County. We’re looking for outside contractors to fulfill our needs for certain aspects of the game.

About The Job

We are looking for a weapons engineer, specifically focusing on guns. We need an individual who’s competent in creating a weapons system that can be easily configured down the line. The following list is the exact specification we are looking within the system (though more may be added if hired):

  1. A third person (over-the-shoulder) camera when weapon is equipped.
    • Right clicking on the mouse would zoom the camera in tightening crosshair, still remaining in third person
    • “Scoped” position should support snipers and other ADS (aim-down sights). This would be in first person
    • The player has an option to go into first-mode by using scroll wheel. This should support iron sights within first person mode.
  2. Support for different firing modes
    • Semi-Automatic
    • Automatic
    • Shotgun
    • Burst
  3. Bullet spread, bullet drop, bullet tracers, and other aspects that a bullet should have.
  4. Different sounds system
    • Silenced weapons should have the silenced sounds
    • Different guns should have different sounds based on caliber
  5. Animations that move gun parts around
  6. A placeholder GUI that handles magazine count, ammo count, and other information
  7. Recoil when shooting
    • Different accuracy whether hipfiring or ADS
  8. Easy configuration to add the “gun kit” to other guns in the future.
  9. Code should be clean, efficient, and commented.

Consider PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds third person mode for reference (PUBG Solo Gameplay - Xbox One X - Third Person - YouTube).


Payment is negotiable. We’re looking to offer between 45,000 to 65,000 robux based on the end product and what you’re willing to do.

Contact Us

You can contact by private messaging me on the DevForum or twitter (@GetEnveloped). We will then proceed to Discord. I rely on going straight to Discord because I have too many friend requests and I would not know if it's incoming based on this thread. If you are in the DevForum discord, you should be able to DM me at GetEnveloped#1337.





I think what you mean is something like this right?


Yep, that’s precisely it (although with a few tweaks such as the crosshair pinching in when scoping in third person).

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The price ranged has been upped to between 45,000 to 65,000 robux. We’re still looking for a weapons engineer that is interested.

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Hey there, the models should be fairly simple, however I don’t know how to rig the animations and such. Is that required?

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We have the gun models. It is highly preferable that the gun system come with animations.

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I have loads of experience with gun animations, if you want we could possibly work as a team on this.


unfortunately I am looking for a scripter and animator on the weapons system. If there is a scripter willing to work with you for this gig, by all means!

Is this a one time thing or a full-time position in your development team? Sorry for the confusion.

This project is a one-time thing. We just need a weapons system to integrate within the game.

Isn’t that a bit too much robux for a weapon engineer? I suggest you should save some robux because when you release the game, you might want to advertise it or sponsor.

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It’s his decision @Anti_Artemis. (30char)


If it is a high price, then there’s definitely a low supply of weapons engineer. Fortunately, it is a price I can pay with ease.

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