4x4 spreading in Voxel lighting - How to prevent ugly-look?


I am trying to create a horror and comedy-based game where lighting is one of the most important things
But when I was trying to handle lighting, I came across a weird(Or normal? I don’t work with designs much) problem which is… Shown below.


I saw a lot of nice pictures created with voxel lighting and I just can’t stop thinking what’s wrong with me :roll_eyes:
How can I fix this weird-looking 4x4 spreading? I tried changing properties of Lighting service, Spotlight but no luck so far. I also checked following post but problem did not look similar.

Any help is appreciated!


Hey superalp1111,

Try lowering the range and turning on shadows for the light if it is not already. You could also manipulate the position of the light using an invisible brick instead of attaching the light directly to the flashlight part.

Tell me if you find this useful. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your answer.

No matter what’s the range is, I’ve encountered with this problem, and starting position of the light was not the matter.

Although, I’ve asked this question in multiple places and all said that it’s structure of lighting type in Roblox, and I should increase angle and reduce brightness if I want to get rid of that. I hope they fix this in Phase 3 :confused:

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I’ve been having this issue as well, I think it might have something to do with the fact that the light is attached to the character, but I haven’t tried to troubleshoot yet.

Although not a solution, a fast (and not preferable) alternative is to reduce the brightness dramatically to <1 so that the voxel-ness is less noticeable.

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This is an unfortunate side effect of using voxels for lights - you might get this voxelisation issue. This is something that can’t really be fixed, however you can try lowering the brightness of the light.

AFAIK this is caused by the increased contrast of the new FIB tonemapper, which makes the voxels stand out much more. You (hopefully) won’t have this issue in Phase 3 of Future is Bright. For now, you’ll just have to deal with voxel lighting :neutral_face:

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