[$500+ USD, Hiring] R6 Animator for a Sword Fighting Game

bbno$tudio is looking for a R6 Animator!

About us:

bbno$tudio is a small Development Studio here on ROBLOX. We are making a Melee Sandbox Fighter with many differenet weapons based off Anime(s), Movies, Shows, Concept Arts, and much more.

The Current Team:
@bbnoshanky - Founder of Studio. Lead Scripter / Ui Design

About the Job:

Looking to hire an Animator that specializes in mainly R6 animations.

Animations are based off of “Sets.”

Each set contains:

  • Blocking
  • 2 Parrys
  • 4 Swings/Attacks
  • Equip/Unequip
  • Taunt


We are paying for each “Set” of animtations.
Half will be paid before the start of the process. Other half will be completed after the Set is fully completed.

All payments will be done via Paypal (no robux avaliable to use)


You must be able to meet a deadline.
A Portfolio.
1 year or more of animation experience.

Contact us:

by dming our twitter https://twitter.com/bbnostudio


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