[50,000R$] Mullet Mafia is looking for a Builder [CLOSED]

CLOSED. We are no longer taking applications for the time being.


Mullet Mafia Dev is a team of developers creating content and exploring different fields within Roblox.

Learn more about us here.
(Link: https://www.mulletmafia.dev/home)


Build a horror story-based map based off of designs we have sketched. You as the builder will be given an important role in the creation of the map, to design and create assets that will be used as primary structures on the map itself.


  • Previous building experience, preferably at least 1 year on Roblox.
  • A portfolio with previous creations/builds is mandatory.
  • Previous experience working on a large and/or successful project is preferable.
  • Full or new member of the developer forums is preferable.
  • You will be required to sign a Software Agreement, for which you either need to be:
    A. A legal adult (18+) to sign the Agreement OR
    B. If you are a minor (<18) you must have a parent/guardian sign the Agreement along with yourself.

Note: A discord account is a must-have for this role in order to communicate with the team.


You will be paid up to 50,000R$ via group payouts, after each significant portion completed you will receive 5,000R$ with the rest of the payment at the end.


You can apply at our site here.
(Link: https://www.mulletmafia.dev/jobs)

Select the “Builder / 3D Modeller” choice when applying for the position.

Want to speak to someone? Contact us at our email!


Are you looking for low or high poly builds?

We’d prefer a mix of both “low-poly” and “realistic” designs.

We will be using Roblox terrain for the maps outline, so we don’t want the builds to look out of place.

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Do you have any example sketches we can view just so we can see what exactly you want, before we sign onto the team? I understand horror, but I’m unsure if you want it a specific way.


A general “theme” we’d like to sdtick to is a horror-esque style like the following sketch by one of our devs;

If there’s anything else you’d like answered, feel free to ask!


What type of terrain are you looking for?

You will be making assets for the map, as we will create the terrain ourselves

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Any possibility of working in a team? I am able to make all required assets , houses, models, but not (Roblox) terrain. I can do custom terrain if accepted. So was wondering if I can work with a terrain maker while I build the models.

Your role will require you to work with the Mullet Mafia to create assets for the game, this means you will be able to speak to any of the developers on the project, including the developers who will be creating the terrain.

Thanks for the reply! I applied and hope to get accepted.

If you do not get a reply in under 48 hours, does that mean you were not accepted?

We have an abundance of replies - we should contact you by the end of the week (Saturday the 8th)

Update: We’ve decided to keep the application open for a builder for another couple days.

I will update this thread once we get a builder.

Thank you all for applying!

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