[500K+ GROUP MEMBERS] Solera Hotels Development Opportunity


:exclamation: ABOUT THE GROUP

Solera Hotels & Resorts is a tropical resort founded by zionevans on January 23rd, 2017. We are currently one of the biggest hotel groups on the platform, and exceed in professionalism and satisfaction! We offer a variety of rooms for you to stay in and enjoy, and the experience with our wonderful staff will be sure to light up your day.


We are currently looking for the following Developers below. If a spot is taken, the developer’s name will be mentioned in that area.

Builder: Low poly, professional, and experienced builder needed.

Sound Effects Artist: Must be able to complete click sounds, notification sounds, reward sounds, etc. Must have at least 1 year of experience.

3d Modeler: Must be able to create tools such as cups, food models, and plushies. Must have at least 1+ years of experience.

Graphics Artist: Must be able to create scenes/renders for the thumbnails and icons.

  • [POSITION AVAILABLE] :green_circle:

:money_with_wings: PAYMENT

Our payment will be through group funds. We have a 500,000 Robux budget, so I will message you a payment or we can negotiate on a payment that fits you the best.

:speech_balloon: CONTACT INFORMATION

I am only taking contact from Discord. My Discord username can be found below.

  • :arrow_right: felony#0005

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