[500+R$ per design] Katana Apparel Looking for Designers


About us

Hello! I am owner of Katana Apparel, we are clothing group, that have around 5k+ members, but we are growing everyday. We currently have around 1.4M+ sales, my group currently has around 25 designers, but I would like to grow my team. And hire more designers!


  • Clothes must not be copied/traced
  • We expect from you high quality professional work
  • Front page clothes only
  • Upload atleast 1 outfit a week, the more the better
  • Must be able to upload the design onto the group


Shirt / Pants = 250 Robux
Full outfit = 500 Robux

Bonus robux for extra sales (profit) -
25,000 sales = 5,000 Robux
50,000 sales = 15,000 Robux
100,000 sales = 40,000 Robux

Contact me

Via Discord Riki#2876
or Developer forum

Type of clothes that we are looking for:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

We are mainly looking for EMO, Grunge and Aesthetic clothes…

You can also check our group to get some inspiration…

The Team
@7XLXRD - Owner
@Sintessia - Manager


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