502: API Services rejected when using team create in a place you dont own

Issue: When attempting to use DataStore:GetAsync() or DataStore:SetAsync() in team create Test In Window or Local Server in a place not owned by you, rather than functioning as expected it errors instead:

Repro steps:
Create a place
Enable Studio Access to API Servies on that place/game
Enable team create and add another account to its access list
Enter team create on that place with the account you added and use GetAsync or SetAsync in a script. E.g.:

local Store = DS:GetDataStore("Test")
Store:SetAsync(1, "Test")

Enter Test In Window or Local Server
Instead of printing the value of key 1 and then setting key 1, it errors on GetAsync.


Team Create access does not give you permissions for Data Stores, Server-Side Dev Console, Configuring Game/Place, etc.

We are working on a solution for this.


Its been 2 months now. Could you give me an expected date if thats possible?

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We are still working on solutions for this. Our current solution may not cover every use case. Thanks for being patient.


Still an issue. How is the fixing going?