Allow using API Services in team create places you don't own (currently 502: API Services rejected)

Issue: When attempting to use DataStore:GetAsync() or DataStore:SetAsync() in team create Test In Window or Local Server in a place not owned by you, rather than functioning as expected it errors instead:

Repro steps:
Create a place
Enable Studio Access to API Servies on that place/game
Enable team create and add another account to its access list
Enter team create on that place with the account you added and use GetAsync or SetAsync in a script. E.g.:

local Store = DS:GetDataStore("Test")
Store:SetAsync(1, "Test")

Enter Test In Window or Local Server
Instead of printing the value of key 1 and then setting key 1, it errors on GetAsync.


Team Create access does not give you permissions for Data Stores, Server-Side Dev Console, Configuring Game/Place, etc.

We are working on a solution for this.


Its been 2 months now. Could you give me an expected date if thats possible?

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We are still working on solutions for this. Our current solution may not cover every use case. Thanks for being patient.


Still an issue. How is the fixing going?


I’d just like to say this is still an issue, and one I’d love to see resolved.


Just wondering how much longer will it take.


This is still an issue. It is quite annoying as I am trying to work in a team create studio.


When is this going to be resolved? I’m experiencing trouble with this and I’d like to have access to data stores when I’m a member of a TC server.


So team create is effectively limited to places that don’t use datastores?! OOOF.

Team create still works fine if it’s a group game

Well, that’d work for me if I could make one of my games a “group” game, but I can’t do that?
Can the roblox devs help with that?

There is currently no way to transfer an existing game to a group game or any indication that roblox will provide us one. If you need to use team create, it’s probably better to just open a new group game and upload it there and cut your losses

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Kinda sucks when Group Game Team Create places take an infinite time to load.

can this be resolved its still a game test breaking bug


I hope that this issue gets resolved :confused: it’s getting annoying slowly because I have to get the save files and publish them as my own to be able to write anything related to data stores


Any updates on this? This is an extremely annoying “feature” that is making development quite frankly a pain and is killing the drive to finish any projects for a group game