"508: Exhausted all retries for key: %s string" datastore error happens when I haven't gone over my limits


There is currently an annoying bug as it seems with Roblox Data Stores. They keep responding with “508: Exhausted all retries for key: %s string”. At first, I assumed I was going over my limits but I was clearly not. This bug started for me on January 22nd. This bug happened in an old unedited data store script of mines. The bug only went away after waiting and modifying my script a bit.

Here is the part of the code where the error kept happening to me:

function dataStore:set(newData)
	local key = os.time()
	key = tostring(key)
	self.value = newData
	self.orderedDataStore:SetAsync(key, key)
	self.dataStore:SetAsync(key, newData)
	return newData

How the function was called:

local dataStore = require(module)
local DSClass = dataStore.new("name", "key", {"Hello, world!"})

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I’ve been noticing this error too. Not sure what’s causing it as I haven’t changed anything


I have also recently been experiencing this error with RemoteFunctions, This is very game-breaking to the point that I can not load client data from the server.


I seem to only have this issue in Studio.


I was in a Team Create with someone (they were the owner of the place, and had invited me) and I was getting this error whenever trying to do anything with DataStores, but when they I gave them some code to run, it ran no problemo.

I think this should be filed as a bug report


It seems like the problem was fixed. I think Roblox DataStores were having some issues. It would nice if Roblox told us what a “508” error meant.
This problem is on Roblox’s end. You should probably file a bug report if you keep getting this error repeatedly and you checked over your code carefully

This bug appears to keep happening in different games.


The 5xx series are internal errors (look up HTTP error tables for definitions) and are not things that you can commonly fix yourself if you are sure that you are calling the method correctly. They cannot provide a better error message for these failures and you are meant to recognize these as HTTP error codes.


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Oh, I never knew about that. Thanks for the tip!


I started getting this error as well 3 days ago. I can not find any solution to fix it so I just gave up.
it only happens in some games because I tested my old games and datastore worked fine.
roblox has not said anything about 508 error anywhere.


it still happens to me.image


even if i used





This is true regardless of how you are testing, there’s nothing you can do in playtest in-game vs studio.


I answered another thread with the same question before I noticed this one; 508: Exhausted all retries for key: %s DataStore

based on this bit of code; this example could also be afflicted by the same answer I gave there

local key = os.time()
key = tostring(key)


i am not fully sure if that is the problem because i started getting this error 3 days ago iv always coded this way and never got an error from it.

	local Data;
	local Error,Done = pcall(function()
		Data = GetDataStore:GetAsync(Plr.UserId);
	if (Data) then
		Stat.Value = Data[1];


Just saying but your code can be cleaned up a lot more easier by this bit of code:

local Success,Data= pcall(GetDataStore.GetAsync, GetDataStore, Plr.UserId)

if (Success and Data) then
    Stat.Value = Data[1];


Thanks for advice i will use it in future :heart: .


Ive noticed this happening as well but it seems to only affect a small group of people in my games:


Ironically this just started happening for me as well, despite using alphabetic keys. It’s totally hit or miss but appears to happen more frequently in studio than in game.


this kills my game