[50k] Programmer Needed For Roleplay Game

NPS is looking for a new scripter to help us script our V2 map for our big launch coming next month. You’d only be making a few tasks since we already have a scripter but I ask you to drop your discord name and your portfolio! Pay will be negotiated but will be anything 35k-50k, you’d essentially need to create an economy system with a few simple jobs.
Group Link: National Park Service Roleplay - Roblox


What things would we need to do?

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Would love to apply, message me at aidan.x#5401

Interested, R0bl0x10501050#9989.


Looking for realistic lighting? I can greatly help! Here is my portfolio, drop me a message if your interested.

Is everything fine with my portfolio? Why are you using mine? :sweat_smile:

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Oh, sorry it’s that the link changes every post you looks at, like it adds a “/[NUMBEROFPOST]” at the end of the devforum link!

EDIT: It ended in a “/19” before but I updated it to say “/” to show the post and not the 19th comment.

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Oh, I see! Apologies for the confusion. You seem to be an amazing scripter btw! :smile:

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Updated pay and task information!

I’m interested! Here’s my portfolio: [PORTFOLIO] (Open Again) Chemicalex - Programming, Building, Graphic/Gui Design, Character Art

Discord tag is Chemicalex#5880

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Your discord is not working, you can add me; Rezzy#0111

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