[5k and 10%] Hiring an R6 Animator!

About Us

Hello! I am the owner of Winnipeg, a fun colonial game set in Canada in the 17 - 1800s. We currently need an R6 animator to animate our weapons and tools. You will not have to animate the idle and walking, etc. however. You have to be experienced and know how to make the animations be usable by our entire dev team, and know how to include pause frames for the weapon animations.

The Team
@EhhDmitry - Environment Design
@seith14 - Scripter
@TNFhacks - UI

About The Job

Like I said above, you will have to know how to animate the weapons and tools. These include: muskets, sabres, axes, pickaxes, etc.


We are willing to pay up to 5k robux as well as 5 - 10% of our entire game’s revenue. This pay may increase in the future. Payment is negotiable.

Contact Us

Please contact us via discord: MrBunnyKing#8346, or via DevForum

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Hey, im interested!

You can contact me with my discord!

Disocrd: @Amino9#7688

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