[5k+ / asset] Hiring gun modeler to make modern and sci-fi assets

About Me

Hi! I’m an experienced programmer that likes to work in roblox as a hobby. My most recent project is inspired by post-apocalyptic games like DayZ.

The commissions

I have several gun models that need to be made, ranging from the modern arsenal (keeping in mind the post-apoc theme) to rare futuristic guns. These guns need to be detailed but also OPTIMIZED for roblox, low triangle/poly counts! In general I will find a concept pic and simply ask you to re-create it. The proportions need to make sense with an R15 robloxian, and the pieces need to be “functional” (as in clip is a separate part so it can be detached, etc). I mention guns but I also need all kinds of other assets that fit in a post apoc environment, with some sci-fi elements like


I can pay on a per-model basis, and like mentioned in the title would be very comfortable going above 5k robux ea! I’m really flexible on my payments (though robux only) and want to make sure I pay you what you’re happy with.


At the very least I need update pics, and I’m happy to provide clarification or give feedback on anything. The process is always iterative! A rough timeline to how long it would take to finish an asset is appreciated, and I personally would like less than a week (quicker the better, a lot of work to be had!)


Please msg or post your discord below and I will contact you! Please have a portfolio or some pics to show past work! I look forward to working with you.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


I have some models already made. Contact me for more info. They are detailed, but also optimized as you said. Perfectly describes them. Magazines and bolts and such are separate and properly named.My discord is: mike scott hive#1036

Hi! Thanks for offering but I’m looking for new ones to be made, it’s just better to ensure they’re proprietary.

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Would like to apply

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Msg me on discord. I would like to apply. LPPicard#2927

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