[5k+] Hiring a Lowpoly UI designer for a simple trade panel!

About The Job

Hello, I’m Sinox! Co-owner of FunTime Simulators and our upcoming game Karate Legends! Currently we need a final UI piece done before our launch date on July 2nd. The UI must be lowpoly and be the exact same style to the ones showed below:

The trade UI itself should have similar format to below:



For payment, we will be paying around 5k for the notification, trade menu, and character selection.

Contact Us

Contact me on the DevForum or on Discord. Please make sure to leave your portfolio and discord username in the reply section so I know who to accept.

DevForum: @DisturbedSinox
Discord: Sinox#5016

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Do we have to script it too? Or just the design itself.

I’ve added you, my tag is StodiusDev#3126.

I added you on discord. My tag is Apexodes#4399!

I have added you
Discord: TheUnderatedPotato#5908

You’ve declined the fr, anything wrong?

I’ve added you.
Discord: IggyDev#5265

I had love to work! Here is my portfolio: [OPEN] Techyfied | UI Designer & Scripter

Can’t add on Discord rn, add me and I’ll accept later. My Discord is Techy#9999

Also, you’ll receive it in 2-4 days after confirming :wink:

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