[5K+ R$] Vehicle Chassis | Darkrun Alley

The creators of Traitor and Gearzone , Daydream Studios, are now working on a new game!

Darkrun Alley
Gun battles, heists, treason - No spot without action on the streets of Darkrun Alley. Join or create a crew, dominate the streets with firepower and escape the police after committing numerous crimes.

Caught your attention? Go on reading!

What do we want you to do? Find out below!

Your to-do list

  • Scripting a chassis for vehicles


The vehicle chassis must be simplistic and fully customizable, which means that values like the maximal speed, torque, turn speed etc. must be implemented and easily changeable.

If you’ve made a vehicle chassis that fits the criteria, we would be happy to buy it too!

Here we are, the most exciting part for you!

Compensation Formular

Vehicle Chassis Commission | β€œDarkrun Alley” | Payment
Payment Type: :robux_light:
Amount: 5000
We will be paying you via T-Shirt/gamepass after you completed your job after a few days.

This is no contract, this simply is an overview.

@Fondatix, @PerfectlyBlack, @LifeSpy
Fondatix#5854 - Black#8613 - wi.ll#7702

If you have any short questions, you can message me here on the Developer Forum too! Thank you for considering this post.

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