5th Annual Bloxy Awards FAQ

Hey developers,

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the 5th Annual Bloxy Awards and due to the volume and similarity of some of these questions, we have decided that an announcement containing a list of frequently asked questions would be an effective way to go about answering them.

Here are some of the common questions we’ve received:

  • Q: I’m a member of a development team, and one of our games is nominated for a Bloxy. If we win the award, will I get it too?

    • A: Yes, those involved in development teams will receive the recognition and award as well.
  • Q: I’m a music composer/builder/graphic designer, and one of the games I have worked for is nominated for Best Original Music Score/Best Lobby/Best Game Logo. Does the Bloxy go to me, or to the developer who owns the game?

    • A: Assuming proper credit is given, the asset creator (logo designer, lobby builder, music composer, etc.) will receive the Bloxy Award.
  • Q: My friend and I run a clothing company group, and we’re nominated for Best Clothing Company, and she owns the group. During the Red Carpet event, will she walk alone, or is she allowed to specify other people involved?

    • A: Unfortunately, your friend will have to walk alone due to time restrictions. The Red Carpet event is very specifically-timed, and we would not have time to show everyone walking the carpet. Sorry!
  • Q: When are the Bloxy Awards going to take place?

    • A: Sometime in February 2018. An exact date will be available in January 2018.
  • Q: Can the Bloxy Awards have clearer categories in the future?

    • A: Yes! We appreciate your feedback and always seek to make the Bloxy Awards a more enjoyable experience for everyone.
  • Q: When is the Bloxy Theatre opening, and how much will a seat cost?

    • A: The Bloxy Theatre will be open to purchase seats mid-January. Follow and subscribe to Roblox’s social media channels for updates on the 5th Annual Bloxy Awards. Seat prices will be revealed when the theater is live.
  • Q: When should we expect to be contacted about thank-you messages?

    • A: Soon. Please contact the owner of the studio/group if you did not receive the email from Roblox asking nominees to send their thank-you videos, as they may have received your email.

We hope this helps to clear up any confusion and questions regarding the 5th Annual Bloxy Awards! As always, please feel free to ask any further questions in this thread.

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Thanks for the clarification! Really clears lots of things up! By they way, where do we go to submit category recommendations for the future! Thanks!


Next year, I hope for a better form for nominations. When I went to vote, I looked through just to see the categories then was unable to go back to actually fill it in. My form got turned in with only like 3 nominations.


Yes I agree, I actually had a similar problem where I accidentally closed the nominations tab without submitting anything, and then it wouldn’t let me restart the form… So I didn’t get to vote :stuck_out_tongue:

Was pleased to see my game got nominated (Wild Revolvers) for a bloxy, but it was for best trailer. This is a great compliment to my friend’s brother who had never edited anything before. Was a bit of a curious choice, but thanks anyways!

For those curious



Thanks for the clarification!

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Wait, I actually do got an important question regarding the Bloxys.

So here’s my “issue”: I nominated an animation of mine back in either October or November (can’t remember the exact date) and it didn’t get in at first. It was only last Sunday or so when I found out that apparently it was re-accepted as a finalist. I wanted to ask what happened and why it happened? Was there some sort of mistake? I really don’t care if I win or lose now, I’m just a very dumbfounded and lost by this discovery and nobody informed me on it; I feel like I should’ve with something like this.


I’m really confused because I saw someone reply to a twitter post from @Shedletsky giving away free tickets to the Bloxy awards which were supposedly on the 16th. That’s tomorrow and I haven’t been able to find this date anywhere else. (Did I miss read that and it was just that the winner of free tickets would be announced on the 16th?) I couldn’t find the post afterwards anyway.
I’m also curious about when the red carpet event is, is it before the Bloxy awards on the same day or the day before? I’ve followed roblox on all social media except google+ but I haven’t seen any posts about the date aside from the “free tickets” contest.

I believe that free tickets contest was from last year’s event. If I remember correctly, the red carpet event was the day before the Bloxy Awards. I can’t really speak for the hosts, though. They could switch it up. After all, last year was the first year for the red carpet.


Ok So the Bloxy awards are definitely not tomorrow then?

No, not tomorrow. The date will be announced in advance :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ok thanks so much :joy:

So a game I built won a bloxy, “Hilton Hotels”, how does the group owner inform roblox of my contribution to the game so I can get the award too? You said in the first question members of the dev team will get the award as well. @Lilly_S

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Also, when do we actually get the award?


I’m not a staff member so don’t trust my replies.

@Builder_Boy If you’re in a development team working on a game and the game wins, I believe the owner needs to specify somewhere on the game’s page the list of developers who were on the job.

@babymariobebe Should be a few days. They never hand it out immediately and I don’t assume it could be done that way either since this year was quite a big event with many, many categories.

On another note, congratulations to the both of you and all award winners!

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My name is already on the games page as the builder of the game, it has been there since I built it. The group owner is great and gave descriptive credits. I just want to clarify with an admin and make sure nothing else needs to be done for me to receive the award as I was the builder for the project.

Thanks for the help though!


The nominees should get any prize :slight_smile:

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