6 Completed buildings for my project

These are over 6 buildings i made so far for my project called “Free City” (yes) and i would like to have some ratings on these!


Wait what does this mean? Would you care to explain @HappyMelon_Games

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Looking nice. Seems simple and nice to look at. I love the light effects. Do they turn on and off automatically, and what about time, are they time based (so when time is like 12 at night it turns off completely)?

The game is planned to be named Free City, and no it doesn’t mean that i’m going to upload it as a free asset pack or something, but it’s a reference to my favourite movie. The name is not official yet tho.

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Yea, they do turn on and off automatically, and the script was made by my friend, i can only build lol. Also there is more detail in these buildings, but image quality made most of them not visible, here is a closer look:

You mean the movie Free Guy?


(give chars)

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Looking really nice. I guess it would be a RP game right?

I actually plan to make it similiar to what was in the movie “Free Guy”, game about literal destruction, where you can grind xp/money, do quests, buy new stuff such as cars or guns. Friend of mine is a good scripter so basically 2 of us work on it, but i’ll think about getting more people into this if needed.

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Sounds like a great idea. I thought of the same when I watched the movie. It was a great idea for a game, just didn’t have the time to start. So its nice to see someone took the chance to give it a shot :grinning:


These buildings look nice! Good job on them!

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