60% of payment instead of 70%

I’ve set my gamepass to 4286 robux but my pending is only 2571, thats roughly 60% instead of the 70%.
I’ve researched about it and some people expierenced this, but those posts were more than a year ago., and I’ve heard it’s been fixed.

I just want to know if the visual bug is still happening or roblox secretly tryna scam us.

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The one who buyed your gamepass using roblox feature: if you buy gamepass not from game where this gamepass was created then it will cut 10% and send it to owner of the game where the player buyed your gamepass.


Thats not a visual bug or something.

no i made this game, its my own game, on my profile, and the gamepass is under that game

Did you buyed gamepass IN your game?

no i just sent a link to the gamepass, that shouldnt matter tho

The person who bought it copied the id of the gamepass and went into their own game and bought it so they pay 10% less.

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Roblox updated it’s TOS today, they maybe changed gamepass income.

Yes, they just paste ID of gamepass and it gonna prompt them to buy it

is that actually a thing? how would i know?

its still 70%

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here is video about it

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You can search on youtube " Save Robux on ANY Gamepass" it will show bunch of videos on that theme

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here is one on gamepasses directly

Okay thank you for that, but lets say he didnt do that, is there a possiblity of a visual bug or have all of those been fixed.

what im asking is, is that 100% what he did? or could there just be smthn else?

that is 100% what he did there is no other way you will be missing 10% of the Robux.


Roblox never had these problems with incomes, thats 100% that he did one of methods

Thanks alot, this really helped.


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