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Hiring Builder・Bean House

before you send me your “examples”, just be real with yourself and really take a cold hard look at your work, and ask yourself: am i fit for the job? would I hire myself for something like this? can i even do something like this?


Hi, there! I’m vehlyx, a project manager and developer. I’m currently the CEO of Bean House - a cafe that soon hopes to reinvent the expectation of true satisfaction. Bean House has been around for some time, now because of a recent group renovation, the group will see the day of true success. We guarantee that Bean House will be an interactive, interesting, and fun experience – an amazing build is apart of that process. We’ll be focusing on ensuring that Bean House works for all players, reaching a variety of demographics. The new cafe will be extremely up to standards, but without overdoing the creation system; preventing boring and long experiences.

Group: Bean House - Roblox

please stop messaging me with low poly examples, if you check the details below you will see the style we are going for. i will not respond if that is all you provide.

… Build Criteria :hammer_and_wrench: :hammer_and_pick:

I’ve taken the liberty to provide in-depth instructions & a checklist for build development. This cafe is rather a medium-large scaled sized build. If you’re unable to provide terrain, however, your build structure can compensate for the lack of terrain, the cost will be reduced.

The theme for the build is material, forest, cabin, neutral colors, etc. In-depth details and criteria are listed on this public Trello Board: https://trello.com/b/6lnvSpbf/j

Sample Themed Builds


… Payment & Time Frame :money_with_wings: :moneybag:

Now, we’re not exactly on a tight time frame, however, we’d like this build to be completed within 3 - 4 weeks. Please be aware, you won’t be responsible for kitchen models, scripts, etc. We happen to believe that a large-sized build can & should be finished within this range. We’re able to provide a base payment of 60,000 Robux for the payment of the cafe. This is bound to increase based on the demand of the project, time frame, etc. If you’re able to complete the project earlier, we can add an extra sum of Robux. Payment is completely negotiable.

The team:
@vehlyx | CEO & Project Manager
@Semistare | Lead Developer
Vacant | Builder
@Nabfam | UI Designer
@Nephere | Graphics Designer

… Don’t be a stranger!

If you’re interested, list below your portfolio & Discord Tag. I’d prefer if you provided examples close to listed, or at least shown that you can. Contact me through DevFourm, thank you! :heart:


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