A few simple things you can check. Start the game and monitor the following as players join and time progresses:

  1. Press Ctrl + F7 and watch Memory, CPU, Recv & Ping stats
    If any of these start to increase slowly over time, then they by definition hint at what the problem is
  2. Press F9 and select Memory from the drop down. Monitor both Client and Server memory over a period of time as above. Does it change considerably over time.
  3. Still using F9, select Scripts from the drop down. The Rate (/s) will show you how busy each script is. Not all will be shown, but it will give you a good idea as to which is busiest and indicate where you might have a problem.

I used the above and discovered the I wasn’t stopping a script that monitored a projectile in-flight, so over time more and resources were wasted on projectiles that no longer existed.

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I figured it out… It’s weird.

If the game has a lot of terrain in it, the CPU usage will be high for the first few minutes of gameplay and gradually the usage goes down to normal. The other stats (RAM, GPU) are untouched, however.

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