[64-bit client] Crashing after a couple minutes of play, every time

My client crashes after a couple minutes of play.
This happens on all games, and only started happening once the 64-bit client released.
Restarting my computer did not help.

I shared the crash dump & log in the staff-only section of this post.

A private message is associated with this bug report


I’m getting the same but on the 32-bit client.


Hello dogwarrior24,

Thank you for contacting us. We have analyzed the attached crash dump and found that Hyperion terminated the client process abruptly because it detected Badware. Roblox defines Badware as any process that tries to access the client process with write access, not just cheat software.

Unfortunately, the crash dump only contains the PID of the offending process, and we cannot determine the process name from the PID alone.

One solution we often recommend is performing a clean boot. Another option is to restart the client, allow it to crash again, and then send us the new crash dump without taking any further steps. We can analyze the dump and provide you with the PID of the offending process. You can then use Task Manager to look up the process name by PID.


It seems a time tracking software I was using called RescueTime was causing the crash. When I disable it, Roblox no longer crashes. I’ll talk with their support to see if there is a way to blacklist tracking Roblox, but it honestly seems ridiculous that simple tracking software is causing Roblox to crash. No other applications behave like this, including other competitive games, so I don’t see why Roblox should.

Hello dogwarrior24,

Thank you for letting us know that you found the offending software and are now able to execute the client.

To provide more details about why “simple tracking software” is causing issues, consider the following reasons:

  • In many cases, offending software opens a read/write handle to the client process without needing write access to the client process (this is generally considered bad practice).
  • There shouldn’t ever be a reason for another process needing to write into the process space of the client process.
  • Hyperion’s only way to distinguish between legitimate software and potentially harmful software is if a process is digitally signed.
  • Digitally signed processes will be allowed write access to the client, but if a process really attempts to write to the client, this will most likely trigger various integrity checks and result in yet another crash.

I hope this short explanation gives some more inside into what kind of software may cause Hyperion to induce a crash.
Here at Roblox, the term for software that behaves in the manner described above is badware. Badware, despite its naming, is not necessarily malicious software but in most cases just a case of unsigned software opening a process handle to the client with the access rights PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS rather than PROCESS_QUERY_LIMITED_INFORMATION.

Please feel free to pass this information on to the customer service of the product in question. Having said all that, I will go ahead and close the ticket for this bug report as solved. Thank you for all your patience and cooperation.


Yes! Thank you!!! ResumeTimer was also terminating my client every 2 minutes into gameplay

@Bitdancer I understand Roblox’s approach, but certain apps, like Resume timer, are very popular in the development community. Surely there is a way for Roblox to implement some sort of whitelist system for apps that are common, and known to be safe?

Hello CaptinLetus,

It is important to understand that the responsibility for writing compliant software lies with the developers/companies of said software and not the other way around. Personally, I find it hard to understand why so few people seem concerned about some random software, without proper certification, requires full access to a different process.

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What makes other games different? For example, I can play battlefront 2 and CSGO with rescue timer enabled and not be kicked.

What makes Roblox’s solution different?

Hello, i’m wondering how you guys find what software is causing this. I looked in my task manager and there were no new apps or ones that could access the client.


(FIXED) I fixed this by reset my pc (only drive c) idk whats going on maybe something wrong with my windows but yea its fixed.

Text: I’ve been crashing for a while even i cleared my startup and checked many apps and stuff still don’t understand why it still crash not even any new application in pc background, my roblox exits without showing any notification just went out completely and leaving crash log.

I have LIGT Nothing accpet roblox and Weather apps For my Storm spotting And it dosent work Is it Deceting RadarScope as A bad app Or WSV3 Bad Hear is the list of installed apps:

Thank You,

A Upset roblox player.

Hello G34HYT,

It is not quite clear if you are asking for support. If you are, please consider filing a bug report and ideally include an extended crash report as discussed in Strategy Three here.

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My client just started to crash after getting updated. Same issue that it crashes after playing for 2 - 5 minutes. I clearly do not have any software that could be affecting my client or my system. The only thing I have is the FPS Unlocker, but I hardly use it. Roblox is starting to be unplayable for me now…


It keeps getting sort of fixed with an update, and then breaks again with the next


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