[65K + %] DevsOnly is hiring devs for an anime fighting game!

About Me

Yo, I’m wutermelone, and I’m looking for dedicated developers to work on an anime fighting game that is based on Fate/Stay Night. I’m looking for people that will stay with the studio long-term, but if you want to quit after the beta is released, then that’s fine as well.

The Team
@wutermelone - Creator
@Closed - Scripter
@Closed - Builder
@Open - VFX Designer
@Closed - Animator
@Closed - GUI Designer
@Closed - Modeler

You might be able to snag a closed spot if your portfolio is better.

About The Job

I will list basically every task that needs to be done before the beta release.

Builder: Create Fuyuki City, a city with neon skyscrapers on one side, and a traditional town on the other. When I say “City” I’m not looking for a 1:1 replica of all of Tokyo (many people assume this). What I’m looking for are buildings with no interiors that look somewhat similar to each other. After all, this is a fighting game where not a lot of people sweat over how good the map is. After you are finished with the city and traditional side, all that’s really left is a park area, a bridge, a school, a small gym, and MAYBE a church. The only interior that I’m looking for is the small gym. Both the school and church can be left empty.

Scripter: The tasks that the scripter(s) need to finish is a system where you can join an organization, making attacks fire off, scripting GUI, a night and day system, leveling system, and other things that might come up that will add to your payment.

Animator: You will need to animate punches, attacks, running, and walking.

GUI: You will need to create a toolbar, main menu, and in-game GUI.

VFX Designer: You will need to create 12 attacks. Some of the attacks that will need to be created are orbs, sword slashes, and a small beam.

Modeler: You will need to create three swords and a bow.

Something you might notice is that there was a ton of writing for building, and some for scripting, but not much was said about all the other roles. That is because the only people I’ve been searching for are builders, so I’ve had to write way more ads. You can contact me if you have any questions about the other roles.


Payment will be in Robux. I used to be able to do USD before I had to cancel my Paypal account. I want to keep the amount of payment secret in dms to avoid infighting or anything like that.

Contact Me

You can contact me on discord at water#8613.
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading. :slight_smile:

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