6K robux for Ring scripts and 2 global leaderboards (Done)

I only need someone to script a simple thing where if you collect a ring it removes the ring locally and adds 1 to the player’s total ring score and the ring will respawn 15 seconds later. They need to save so when a player leave and comes back then they still have there rings. I also need a leaderboard for the top 100 players that have that has most rings on a scrolling surface gui. And top 50 player with the longest time spent playing
Below is a ring and the gui that has the players total rings

Global as in for that server only or all servers that the game has running?

all servers running

I will add an extra 2k if you can finish it by next friday!

May I ask… why does everyone (sorry, I’ve experienced this a few times - it’s funny, but tragic :emo-angst: ) use TextBoxes when supposed to use TextLabels?
The problem: Everyone can rename “Your Rings:” to e.g. “Lol admin achieved”.
The possible reason: People may think that “TextBox” means just a box with text, which you can’t particularily change. Then again, looking around, “label” is better suited for static content.

Seems like a good challenge, yes.

This may help people if they help with this: The game has FilteringEnabled off. (Unless you changed it)

I apologize – I didn’t see this until a couple hours ago :slight_smile:

Here is a demo of the game

EDIT: Place has been made inactive, transaction complete.

I don’t know how you want me to give you the place - perhaps through Skype or something?
Here is a T-Shirt that I have priced at 6,000 ROBUX + 2,000 ROBUX for finishing it before Friday… quite a while before Friday, actually :slight_smile:

Total Line Count: 194
Total Scripts: 2 (1 Server, 1 Local)


  • Sparkles are the color of the brick
  • One server-side script to manage everything
  • Works with (and without) FilteringEnabled
  • DataStores
  • Two leaderboards one that shows top play time in minutes, and one that shows top rings (both ordered)
  • Efficient
  • Client GUI to show number of rings
  • A lot of options in the scripts including update time, ring rotations per second, and more.

In order to add more rings, all you have to do is add parts named ‘Ring’ into your Workspace. It does not matter where they are, I use a recursive function to search for them.

Hope your game turns out great :slight_smile:

EDIT: Transaction complete - DevBonnie bought the shirt for 8,000 ROBUX and I sent him the place file.

OP This was, imo, a good payout for the amount of work. I was considering doing it but badcc beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue:

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