6to15: R6 to R15 Animation Converter Plugin

6to15 converts animations from R6 to R15, and back, or to and from any other custom rig with any Motor6D offsets, with complete accuracy and support for CurveAnimations. Drone’s plugin converts animations from R15 to R6 only, and while I cannot speak for the accuracy of his converter-the code looks fine at a glance-it does not support CurveAnimations at all. In Drone’s own words, his converter is “not actually a useful tool”.

Ohhhhh!!! I’ll give this one a try. I’ll review it when i use the converter

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Some fat emotes can crash your plugin :frowning:
Like Burberry Lola Attitude - Nimbus
EDIT : I got it worked after 5 minutes, also could you add an “auto” option or preset.
Which convert automatically the most common set :
Head → Head
LowerTorso → Torso
UpperLeftArm → Left Arm
UpperRightArm → Right Arm
UpperRightLeg → Right Leg
UpperLeftLeg → Left Leg

Thanks for making this great plugin!

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The calculations this plugin does are pretty heavy. There are definitely optimizations to be made, but I do not know how much they would help, and I have no plans to optimize anything because these conversions are not meant to occur at runtime, so no player would ever benefit from them being faster. Regardless, every conversion should finish eventually, as you figured out, and the majority of animations will convert instantly, (at least with my mid-end computer specs).

Regarding your question about rig bindings, that menu you posted a screenshot of should only ever appear if your conversion involves a custom rig. In the “Source Rig” and “Target Rig” fields, only use the custom rig (“Select…”) option if your rig has non-standard Motor6D values, or if your limbs are named differently. If you convert between the built-in rig options, the bindings menu will be skipped.

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To be honest, I could just edit the animation afterwards to make the limbs bend. But this is still awesome, thank you so much for sharing!
Very useful plugin.

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Would --!native help with the calculation speed?

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Good idea, but my testing shows that there is no measurable speed difference between native and non-native code with the converter module. I’ve updated the plugin to include --!native in case it does help on other people’s machines, but even then I do not know if plugins have native code support in the first place.

This plugin is awesome! Thank you so much for creating this plugin!

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Sorry I’m a bit late but you could probably do the math in parallel so it doesn’t block up the main thread. Or you could calculate the amount of keyframes in the animation and if it goes over a threshold you can wait for the next frame after every 100 keyframes or something to give the main thread short breaks.

Sorry, but could you write out what the steps are for actually using this plugin?

I can’t figure out how to use it correctly :sweat_smile: