7-segment display handler with Latin & Cyrillic alphabet support

Yesterday, being quite bored during another rainy day, I’ve decided to make a seven-digit display handler with all the characters available on the Wikipedia page, including the Cyrillic alphabet (which was quite challenging as the string functions didn’t seem to be working too well with them).

You can add your own characters too using the module under the main script - read the comment at the top to know how can you do that.

Here are some pictures showing how does it look like on parts:

An example of a number (with leading zeros enabled):

An example of a negative number:

An example of text in the Latin alphabet:

An example of text in the Cyrillic alphabet:

An example of text with more characters:

And here’s the model:
7segment.rbxm (8.3 KB)


This is really cool, and I just found this out of nowhere (after two years it seems). You should definitely move this to #resources:community-resources because I’ve never seen anything like it, and it would likely be useful to developers.