70 Miles Out Playtest - Update Log

Update Log

  • Bug fix updates or hotfixes, are not counted here.

This devfourm post has been abandoned until further notice. There has been countless updates that I have forgotten about adding to this devfourm, due to the constant updates that the playtest has. If you want progress updates, please join the server linked in the groups social links: Seventy Miles Out - Roblox

I may restart this once the actual game drops, and will keep this here for historical purposes.

Update Archive

Update 2.14 (07/20/23)

Not really update 2.14 as i’ve updated the game several times, but here’s the details:

  • Outfit codes V9, now in hexidecimal
  • Draggers are less broken (Sizing now works no matter what original size, and there’s no more “snapping”.
  • Did some cool stuff with the admin panel that only staff probably care about
  • Beta Anticheat (toggled off by default)
  • Major bug fixes
Update 2.13 (07/03/23)

Still working on minnies diner. I have got the phone that is used in minnies diner fully functional, so that’s cool

  • Codes V8 Release (Minor in comparision to V7, but basically it now appears less cluttered, and stuff like brackets, dashes, dots, commas, and quotes have all been changed to zero width unicode characters.
  • Morph codes have been renamed back to outfit codes.
  • Outfit codes now auto-focus and auto-select after pressing the get button (You do still have to press the buttons to copy them, though.)
  • Minor bug fixes
Update 2.12 (06/30/23)

I have been busy with other parts of developing, so this is quite a small update.
Right now I am working on minnies diner, when that’s done, i’ll put it in here, and will return to working on the GUI. (probably)

  • Codes V7 Release (1500% faster than V6, V7 has support for clothing recolors, and is backwards compatible with V6.
  • Roblox links can now fully be used in place of ids.
  • Mute times are now displayed as hours, as opposed to seconds.
  • Temporarily discontinued “Outfit of the week” until I have more time to fully focus on the playtest and the GUI.
  • Minor bug fixes
Update 2.11 (06/16/23)

Part 2 of update 2.10 is now here!

  • Added autosaves. (Functionally it updates the autosave data on the server every so often, and saves the data once the player is leaving.)
  • Added outfit loading confirmation (Same as how you have to confirm you want to edit/delete and outfit, but for loading.
  • Added crouching (Crouching animations may not work for the first few hours of the update, as it passes through roblox moderation.)
  • Added player statistics (Note: First join only starts counting from this update, onwards.)
  • Fixed some bugs from the previous update
Update 2.10 (06/15/23)
  • Accessories with scripts can now be added, with the extra functionality removed.
  • Accessory effects are now officially supported.
  • Roblox links can now be used in addition to asset ids.
  • Asset ids are less finicky when trying to input them.
  • Added in more of blossom’s animations.
  • Added in an animation searchbar.
  • Changed animation UI.
  • Added two animation modes: Stack, and Blend. (Default is also an option if you prefer to do neither.)
  • The keybinds ; and ’ now look left and right.
  • Visual fixes and major bug fixes.
  • FYI: Don’t abuse the new systems (Effects, animation blending). We enforce the TOS and we do not tolerate people attempting to lag/exploit this game.
Update 2.09 (06/14/23)
  • There is now an outfit count.
  • Most searchbars are now more lenient (As opposed to just using string.find, it now uses a complex system to check if each word individually matches. In short, it makes searching for things easier.
  • The default values for body colors are now in RGB, as opposed to brickcolor.
    (Brickcolor and hex is still supported, aswell as RGB.)
  • Outfit codes now disable editing until they are finished.
  • Outfit codes now ignore spaces and new lines.
  • Outfit codes now have additional error information.
  • You can no longer load outfit codes if adding the code will result in more than 50 accessories being on your avatar.
  • Outfit code error message display lengths now follow this formula:
    clamp(1 + len(error message) / 20, 2, 6)
  • You can now stop loading an outfit code.
  • New moderator, kitkatconnoisseur.
Update 2.08 (06/10/23)
  • Moved color picker position.
  • Updated the outfits of the week.
  • Fixed bug with outfit codes where body transparency would be super long.
  • Reduced outfit code loading time by half. (Temporarily, may be unstable.)
  • Removed the button and made the obby course slightly easier.
  • Admin panel changes.
  • Major bug fixes.
  • FYI for loading outfit codes, don’t try and do anything else in the GUI, i’ve set the delay time to just over the debounce time. If you also try and edit accessories/load anything/save anything/delete anything, the outfit code may not load properly as it could get caught up in the debounce.
Update 2.07 (06/05/23)

This version may break some outfits.

  • Color Picker (Still in beta.)
  • Greenscreen/bluescreen area for taking screenshots
  • Added obby so people can have something to do when not customising.
  • Multiple updates to the admin panel.
  • Multiple bug fixes to the admin panel.
  • Fixed some erroring with insertservice loading.
  • Fixed bug where duplicated hats do not account for the C0.
  • Major and minor bug fixes.
Update 2.06 (05/31/23)

This version may break some outfits.

  • Fixed bug where draggers wouldn’t move along the correct axis.
  • Upped accessory limit to 50
  • Added ability to use decals for textures, clothing, and faces.
  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t use faces as faces (oof)
  • Added accessory “Duplicate” button.
  • When a new hat is added, the gui autoscrolls to it, and begins editing it.
  • Clothing recoloring GUI is now the same as the limb recoloring GUI.
    (Includes rgb, hex, and brickcolor).
  • Major bug fixes.
Update 2.05 (05/29/23)

This version may break some outfits.

  • Added experimental font mode (Suggested by Ecytrsi)
  • Added clothing RGB Color changer (Suggested by parkerjolo)
  • Fixed dragger clamping issues (Bug reported by parkerjolo)
  • Added additional progress bar and error handling to outfit codes.
  • Removed teleporting meme as it got old.
  • Updated Outfit(s) of the Week.
  • Added update logs.
  • Internal changes.
  • Major bug fixes.
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