[$700 / 200K Robux Programmer Commission] Custom Bike system

— The Job:

I’m in need of a custom bike system that is capable of the following:
○ Acceleration
○ Peddling Animation
○ Jumping / Hopping

○ Equiping (via proximityprompts) / Unequiping (using contextactionservice) - The bike should stand like a model when unequiped

○ Locking/Unlocking so only specific people can use it: localplayer only, friends only, anyone

○ Sounds: riding, wind (becomes louder with acceleration), bell (contextactionservice)

○ Mobile compatibility

○ Make NPC, both local and server capable of (un)equiping & riding it to either: go to a specific destination or follow a specific part/character model

○ Some garbage collection function for removing bikes

—— [Not sure if these below would be needed, but just thought I’d mention anyway]:

○ A bool for toggling whether players should fall off a bike if hitting anything at a high velocity
○ IK for making the feet match the peddles (if not included, just play a looping animation of the character peddling and adjustspeed + weights on the fly)

— Entry level requirements:

○ Previous physics programming experience
○ Able to handle edge-cases regarding humanoid behavior

— Nice-to-Haves:

○ Be familiar with inverse kinematics

— Payment:

Upon completion, you can either be paid 200K Robux via group funds or 700 USD via paypal, wiretransfer or wise.

— Contact:

on discord and discord ONLY: Maxx_J#7549

Send your portfolio as your first message and state that you saw this specific job listing (because I have many, so I won’t get confused).

All applications will be attended to, but I will give each a few days for consideration before verifying who gets the job.

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