[7,500 - 15,000 ROBUX] 3D Modeling Military Operators/Characters (Helmet, Vest, Misc) Commission

Hello! I’m looking for a talented 3D modeler to create military operators for Frontlines!

What game am I helping?

What’s needed?

  • Army Rangers (4 variants)
  • Spetsnaz (4 variants)
  • OpFor (4 variants)
  • Special Forces (2 variants)

Specific armor and misc items is dependent on the creative freedom of you (I could also create a list of reference images if you don’t want to choose

How should it be made?

  • Mid poly (8-10K triangles; the lower the better)
  • Also a low poly model version
  • Textured

Sample pictures:


What’s the payment?

  • 7.5-15K robux PER operator. 2.5K PER variant. Negotiable.
  • Will use group funds.

Where to contact?
Reply below / DM me here


Sent. My Discord is COVID-19#4364

Sent. My Discord is q_arn#4563.

Position is still open! Again, prices are negotiable.

I sent you a friend request, my Discord is Zanance#1234.

Don’t you think the prices are too low for things as detailed as these?
These jobs require 2 different models, and texturing is a totally different and time taking process.

I don’t think the price is low, it’s 7,500R$ - 15,00R$ each Operator.

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