(75k) Looking for Giant Survival 2 map makers!

I’ve been working hard on the development of Giant Survival 2 and i’ve come to the point where I need maps for testing and offical release!


  • All accepted maps will appear in the game to millions of people including huge youtubers (So don’t take this lightly).
  • You will have 2 weeks (max) to have the map finished and checked, so try turning it in beforehand so you’ll have more time in case of any bugs.
  • If (and only) the map passes our guidelines, you will recieve a 75k (+tax) robux payment through t-shirts so you must have BC.


  • Parts can be size (previously 4x4x4 voxel building, don’t do this)
  • Keep structure simple with low detail if possible (for the sake of xbox)
  • Parts must not contain welds or anything plugins might create
  • Part’s topSurface and bottomSurface must be the default (studs and inlet)
  • Build based on the grid for studs so the parts will stick together without using welds
  • No anchored parts
  • All parts must be CanCollide set to true
  • Lights, particles, decals, and textures are accepted
  • No default fire/sparkles/smoke particles (Make your own!)

PM me on the forums including an example of your previous work, and tell me what you plan to build (so I don’t have several people building the same thing). Include any questions you have as well so we can get that sorted out :slight_smile:


Edit: I changed the guidelines quite a bit, so re-read over them.

Dimensions for the maps?

1000x1000 but try not to fill up all the space.

Could you post some pictures of map designs that you like?

Is there a maximum number of maps you are willing to pay for? I.e. only accept a few people to build.

Will accept as many as you can pour out. But remember, quality over quanity.

I’ll go into more depth a bit later today including pictures.

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