[75K] Looking for suspension maker - models already made

About Us

Hey! We are the Nova Corporation. We are a fast growing group, having attained over 5.5k members in just two months. We are currently looking for someone capable of fulfilling the task of adding a suspension to at least one of our vehicles, as we are developing our upcoming main site.

The Team
@MetatableIndex - Group owner | Lead Scripter
@EntropicLocality - 3D Modeler
@UndoneArrobs - Misc Scripter
@SilverStaIIions - Terrain specialist

About The Job

You’ll be assigned the job of adding a suspension to one or more of our vehicles. The models are already done; you will need to adapt a suspension for the already made models.

We currently require a suspension for the following vehicles:
- Leopard 2A6 tank (60k)
- Humvee vehicle (15k)



We are paying through group funds. We do not pay in USD.

Contact Us

You may contact us through discord: realmaster42#9088


By suspension, do you mean scriptwork or just building what looks like suspension?

The constraints and all of the work that goes with suspension making.

The models are entirely completed, which puts less work into the person doing the suspension. Their job is to create a suspension that fits to the current vehicle model, which is already designed to work with suspensions.

Are you still in need of this person/spot?

Yes, I am.


Alright, I think i can help with the Hummer. Discord: GrinchDeveloper#6312

Do you still need the tank done? I might be interested. Any specifics on the suspension?

I’ve got a really well-made suspension system which I could add to your vehicles if you’re interested.

DISCORD - LaAerooo#4504

Preview V

edit idk y its uploading as some odd link.

Yes. The suspension is track-based, so it’s meant to act as a real track would (or at least close to it). Each track segment is separated to allow this to happen.

It is a Leopard 2A6, so the suspension should feel more or less like the tank would. Well, at least as how it is described.

I can take a look into this. My discord: ZacSauce#0586

For the Hummer, I would suggest A-Chassis 6 C Ver. 1.3

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