7pbr - quickly insert high quality pbr textures

7pbr lets you quickly insert high quality pbr textures into Roblox Studio.
Just select a SurfaceAppearance, click a texture, ta-da!
Currently 8 textures, more coming soon!


Update Log

220621: Made the plugin free.
210621: Added Leather and Paving Stone texture and fixed bugs.

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You should introduce preset meshes, that have their UV’s tiled. Would make it a lot easier to replace existing parts with their PBR variants, without having to clone them every 3 studs.


So how do we use it? Do we insert a meshpart, add surface appearance, and then click the texture we want on the panel in the plugin? I tried this and it did not work please tell me what I did wrong and nice plugin!! . Thankyou!!

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I do like the idea for this and I’m sure others do to and it seems it could be useful as well!

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Did you select the SurfaceAppearance?

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Please explain I do not know how to select it like do I add Surface appearance to a mesh and then select surface appearance and then choose the texture?

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Select a SurfaceAppearance, then choose your texture.

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Ok, I will try this. Thank you!!!