7XC | Graphic Designer

Hello I’m 7xc.

Hi, I’m 7xc! In the past three years, i’v been learning graphic designing, and improving my skills at it. also I’ve done various projects for different games.

About my art

i use blender and Cycles render to create the 3D Art, During the post-production phase, I trust Photoshop for its versatility to enhance my creations and give them a polished finish.

Terms and Agreements

  • Currently i only accept Robux payments through my Roblox group (tax included)
  • Must pay 50% before starting the project and 50% after finishing the project
  • Reselling my art without Permission is not allowed

3D Art

Basic Package (1k+): usually comes with 1-2 character, mostly purchased for game icons

Essentials Package (2k+): contains 2-4 characters. mostly purchased for game Thumbnails

NOTE: all packages come with psd file

contact me at lvspeedy & jaybeemvoid on discord dms

Thanks for your Time.