8-Bit in-game area - How can I improve?

I’m currently working on an 8-bit game, and am having trouble making the in-game area look filled.


The game is similar to “Plates of Fate”, so I’d like to leave the in-game area relatively open for the events to happen, but without it looking too plain. The theme is supposed to be underground, or cave like.

What could I change or add?


I’ve personally never played plates of fate, but what I can say is maybe make the surrounding area more smaller? If anything, you can also add in some mist in the lighting settings. And, maybe don’t copy the Minecraft grass texture.

Any questions? Feel free to reply back.


you could try making it so below the platforms its like a ocean and the Islands could look like floating islands with rocks under them or even on clouds, for around it you could make a glass cage which the game is held in with around the cage there being a bund of lobby stuff?


Looks good but try adding some rocks or a bit tall mountain’s a darking color of the ground to make it not to empty but over all well done


I didn’t copy the texture from minecraft, I found a free seamless grass texture and pixelated it…

I’ll work on trying to add mist or fog

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Thanks! I’m going to try adding some taller mountains

That would be a huge change…

Like the pictures and desc showed It’s supposed to be an underground/cave theme because it goes with the whole style of the game

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oh my apologies I didn’t see that last part. you could try adding large pillars and stone spikes to add to the background

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That’s a cool idea, I’ll try adding this and get back to you

Sorry for the late response but here is my progress

I decided to go for a modern cave colosseum style, here is how it looks so far

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if it still feels mepty, i guess you could make borders smaller, and probably make the ground hazardous, like lava or something like that, since you’re going for a cave theme, i think that’ll do

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The ground actually is lava

I made the texture a little more vibrant so it’s easier to tell

Perhaps I should make a new texture…? Let me know if it’s still hard to tell if it’s lava

i thought it was sand :joy: yeah i think a more orangish black color would make it more lava-like, or neon orange

I added a roof, made spikes have size variation, made a new lava texture, and added a slight ledge to the bottom border of the map. I didnt make the outside part smaller because I kind of need the space, and I think the open-ness looks pretty cool in game

I’m going to try to make the crowd look more like a crowd and less a stripe going around the outside. Thanks!

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yeah, the lava looks a lot better now. the bright orange sure helped.