[80+ USD] Hidden Beyonds Is Hiring a Long-Term Builder/Modeler

The Hidden Beyonds team Is now comfortable hiring a new Builder/3D Modeler to join their team. Currently, our team is proud to be developing Hidden Beyonds, a game where players can choose from different weapons to fight against the opposing team. By joining our team, you are offered the experience of creating a fun roblox game while working with an active development team.

The Team

Our Current Game

  • An active development team that communicates via vc when needed
  • The opportunity to put creativity into your work and job.
  • The ability to lead our team in the building and modeling field.

  • The ability to create quality low-poly models within a specific time period
  • The ability to properly take criticism and communicate with your peers.
  • At least 1 year experience in the modeling and building field.
  • The ability to voice chat via discord with the team.

Here are some things you may be tasked with while working with us

  • Low-poly medieval styled houses
  • Roblox Terrain
  • Low-poly scenery such as trees, bushes, rocks, etc.
  • Swords, weapons,
  • Low-poly/Medieval styled models

There are more things you may be tasked with, these are just a few.

$80 USD Up-Front
You can possibly be paid more if your work is up to our standards!

20-40% Game & Group Earnings
This is negotiable with the rest of the team.

Interested in working with us? Contact me below;

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