[80k] - Hiring Programmer, Builder, Animator

About Us

Hi, My name alias Tyfor_Dev, and I’m Head of hiring (May just be the worst title ive received in my whole career) For Outlander Studios We made Backflip simulator and are constantly striving for growth on roblox.

The Team
@Christmas_HS - Owner
@Tyfor_Lua - Investor, Sometimes voluntary developer
@To Be Decided - Programmer
@To Be Decided - Builder
@To Be Decided - Animator

About The Job

We are looking for A programmer, builder and animator to collaborate to create a project under Mine and Christmas_HS’s Leadership.

This project is based off Backflip simulator so we advice you take a look and make sure you are confident it is manageable. - This reference is for programmer Builds will need to be higher quality and we ask you link a portfolio showing low poly work.

You must be active and willing to work quickly and large hours - we want this finished ASAP.

Create ~ 5 Flip animations
Programmer - Read through, and improve existing code base. Fix bugs within the game.
Builder - Make an entirely new map, details will be given upon application


We are fortunate enough to have lead successful projects in the past so we have payments we believe fair and flexible.

Programmer - 40k
Builder - 35k
Animator - 5k

All payments in robux

You may apply for more then 1 position however keep note you would be required to work twice as hard

Before everyone moans at me for paying programmer almost the same as builder, note the builder is creating a new map. programmer is just improving code.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via twitter - @DevTyfor

Thanks for reading! :cat:


I can make you animations (and some buildings)

Hey im intrested for the builder job

I have applied as a builder in the past and I gotta say I got completely ignored. I never got a message back and when I sent a message whether if I’ll be hired or not I got anything. I hope you gonna DM me and tell me whether you want me to work for you or not. As “experienced” in previous projects, I wouldn’t expect that.

Thank you,

Hello! I’m interested in the Programming a Job, here is my portfolio: Besupernow - Programmer|Commissions Open!
Also here is my Discord: @besupernow#5482

Please note that I get a lot of DMs and a lot of applications, and therefor I sometimes forget who applied, I am sorry for this. HOWEVER do know I put you forward to HS as being in the top 3 candidates :slight_smile:

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Please DM me a portfolio.

30 chars

I would love to apply! I need a new job here is my portfolio - PawsomeDev|3D Modeler

Might actually consider this chance! Ill get into it.

Hi! I’m Sinox! I have taken much interest in your hiring! Anyways, here’s my work: [OPEN] DisturbedSinox | Builder and UI Designer

If you have a good enough reputation then we can do upfront.

Hey, I’m interested. I’ve DM’ed you on the DevForum with examples of previous work and more information. Cheers. :slight_smile:

You cant know, however the fact we are willing to do upfront for people with a good reputation is sufficient proof.

If you still are uncertain, we can pay per task, but failure complete all tasks would result in us wanting a full refund.

Programmer and builder positions filled.

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