[8k/10-30%] aesthetic clothing designer needed

Clothing Request for Upcoming Aesthetic-style group

Hey Developers! I’m in need of a very quick clothing designer that are able to do the typical ‘‘aesthetic’’ or ‘‘goth’’ type shirts/pants that make cash nowadays. Stuff like:




I’m not sure, some take 100 per shirt, some take 10,000. Whatever I discuss with you in DMS.

I have about 8k In funds left though ( 14k but 6k will go to my scripter )
I DO NOT plan on spending an entire 8k on clothing though. These are simple designs with google images, if you consider these really hard to do, DONT BOTHER APPLYING. I need a very fast paced worker, Planned launch is next week Monday- Friday.

Can also offer a percentage for a full time job as I want to add 10-20 pieces per 2-4 weeks. If the game makes some decent profit, I’ve discussed with my builder to begin works on a V2, which would be x3 or even x4 larger.

Also able to take paypal but on the condition I pay once everything is done, robux and percentage will be per commission. My paypal budget shouldn’t be used but Im able to do it if your exceptional.

Contact Info

Only taking people that can work via discord.
Add me at:


How much clothing are you gonna want for launch? Payment is too low?/! How will I get my payment

  1. I don’t have an exact amount, above 50 Im sure, our homestore will be based on a street, with mini shops around, each will have 5-20 clothing stands in each. Ill talk to you about it in dms

  2. I don’t know how much I should pay, I wanna hear some offers via dms. MAKE SURE TO PROVIDE A PORTFOLIO/PREVIOUS WORK

  3. If I pay via ROBUX, you will most likely be paid per asset, or in bunches if you want to build some trust. I will REQUIRE the clothing file, but if you can, I will allow you to upload it yourself to save me some time.

If I pay via Percentage, you will be set the percentage when we launch and will make the next profit for however much you stay with us + 2-3 months?.

If I pay via Paypal, not preferred, Ill pay after you have done a few pieces of work/ pay for it all in one.

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I am REALLY interested! xKorl#8700

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I am interested! I sent you a friend request via discord.

I am very interested, I sent a friend request via discord!

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I need about 20-40 sets by monday, my first designer won’t make the date so I need some1 else to help. Im mostly gonna offer percentage unless you can take 10-70 robux a set. its not much but Im willing to pay 2-10k when we have launched partially due to my lack of funds atm.

I’m interested but your discord won’t let me contact you

My discord as stated thousands of times prior is

Interested! I’m Inkqo#8185 on Discord. Looking forward to working with you!

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