9 July 2018 - Q-Clash Minor Update

Happy first week of Q-Clash beta!

We’ve made tremendous strides in server performance this week and we’d like to thank everyone who has helped us reach where we are today!


  • Fixed various errors that would occur during normal gameplay.
  • Addressed various memory leaks and optimized server network throughput
    • We have recently logged our oldest server to date: 15 hours! :tada:
  • Responding to community feedback, we have made changes to the current autobalance system:
    • Fixed issues with Autobalance where autobalance would swap more players than necessary
    • Autobalance is now set with a 15s observation time (was 20s)
    • Autobalance was currently set to wait until a player on the advantage team would wipeout. If no one on the advantage team is set to respawn after an additional 15s, the balancer will randomly choose a player on to move.

That’s all for now! Expect our next Major update soon!

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5 July 2018 - Q-Clash Minor Update

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