90 Degree Camera

Tired of playing FPS styled games with your camera locked at 80 degrees meaning you cant aim straight up or down? Well I have a solution. 90 degree cameras are possible in roblox (well- 89.95 degrees to be exact) so why aren’t we using them?

High quality FPS games such as Arsenal don’t even use 90 degree cameras. If your thinking of making your own FPS engine, consider using my free Custom Camera for a better playing experience.



Please credit me if you do happen to use this, thanks!


wow I can now break my head by looking down 90 degrees, u know physically you can’t look down 90 degrees irl

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Not everyone care for such realism, sometimes gameplay is more important than that, but you’re not wrong.


finally, i can achieve my life goal of breaking my neck :heart_eyes_cat: :heart_eyes_cat:


No, wait… You can look down 90º, no? Although your head can’t do it alone, you can curve your back a bit and done, no?

I can also break my torso? Cool! Time to break myself to pieces

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Well, now seriously saying, it’s an interesting mechanic to add, I’m not home to test it out for myself though.
Once I’m home I’ll add it to my game to test it out and edit this with my thoughts on how it works out.
Thanks for the contribution!

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Yeahh, that’s the thing a lot of FPS styled games out of the Roblox engine don’t have the camera locked at 80 degrees. Thought creating this will advance the quality of FPS games on the Roblox engine.

Great to hear, no problem! Once you test it out, let me know how it feels as I’d like to improve upon it if I can :slight_smile:

New Update: Version 1.1 is now released!

Version additions:

  1. Commented on most stuff to explain to users how the code works.
  2. Added Camera Styles; set the style to “Smooth” for a smooth moving camera and set it to “Raw” or blank for a default Roblox camera feel.
  3. Fixed bug where player’s face would sometimes obstruct the camera.
  4. Neatened the script up a bit.

Get the camera here:


In reality, you can bend your neck, head, and shoulders beyond 90 degrees to look down, lol.


I can look 90 degrees up AND down in real life though.

I am really sorry for the bump after a whopping 11 months, i am really sorry but i just wanted to talk about this lol