90% Marketplace Fee for groups on Configure Game Pass page

The configure game pass page for group game gamepasses shows a 90% marketplace fee (when the group owner is non-premium). Group game gamepasses should only have a 30% fee, but the text displayed here always says 90%.

This is only a display bug, the correct fee is applied upon purchase of the gamepass.


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It’s 90% for you because, all normal members get a 90% marketplace fee. While premium members only get a 30% marketplace fee. Marketplace fee | Roblox Wiki | Fandom
See, at the moment I have premium and I set one of my gamepasses to the same price as you did, but I only get 30% taken off.

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No, groups are treated as premium members in terms of taxes, it is a display bug; as the opening post says here

This display bug has been around for years, I have had it in the past but did not think to make a thread for it.


That had a friend of mine worried aswell, guess i came to an answer

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Is this bug still here, because I have that issue as well right now.