A-60 in my rooms remake

Im remaking rooms and I just somewhat finished A-60, besides the sounds.

So far I only have one custom entity (A-20) and A-60, but I think it’s turning out pretty great. What do you guys think?

Edit: The sound of rain on the windows sounds terrible I just realized :skull::skull::skull:

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You should make the lights flicker a bit more when the entity approaches (atleast for earlier stages), I would also add shadows to the entity light so it casts cool patterns through the locker slats, other than that Its looking really good especially in the sfx department (though I do agree the rain sfx are a little loud)

edit :
Actually a small detail idea, you can tweak the FOV based on if the player is in a locker or near an entity, so while your in the locker the lighting effects are easier to see

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Nice Graphics and the enitiy looks like from Doors.

The only thing I can say is: 11/10. Better than Rooms in Doors itself!

I’m pretty sure I did turn shadows on in the light for A-60, but I do like the FOV idea