A better restoration system for posts mysteriously going missing


Over the past few weeks myself and others have observed our posts disappearing from the forums for what some might have considered to be illogical or illegitimate reasons which has not led to any dissatisfaction on my behalf however has resulted in many high quality posts being removed from the forum which lead to dissatisfaction on the behalf of others which I feel to be important as a member of this public forum.

Now while it is unclear what or why these posts are being removed, and if they are being mysteriously removed without the knowledge of forum staffs please do alert me and I will move this topic to #forum-feedback:forum-bugs. I feel it is critical that developers have access to a fast way to restore their posts since currently email is a very impractical and time consuming solution.

If we are to assume that this process is indeed not a bug and is instead being manually performed by users with the authority to perform actions such as the removal of posts (not relevant if they are apart of the forum moderation system or not since the post is not regarding nor discussing that) then I feel this process is more important since naturally human error can occur and anyone with aforementioned powers may mis-interpret / not be aware of terminology such as the official definition of a bug.

If this system were to be implemented it would ensure that high quality, rule abiding resources do not disappears from the forum making it a more engaging place for discussing and proposal of new concepts.


Can you give examples of posts that were taken down? Do you have any proposed solutions? The restoration system that is in place seems fine, it’s just that people aren’t appealing any posts that were taken down.

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At no point in this post did I state that any posts were taken down, instead I observed some of them had mysteriously disappeared for whatever reason.

My solution would be for people with regular+ who to have obtained their rank would of had to go through post approval and are therefor capable of making good posts to be able to edit their post to restore it similar to how the system works if your post is flawed down.

The current system is designed to be impractical and inconvenient to the developer, for example I do not want to draft an entire email just to get a 100 word post restored


You dodged the question there, you knew what he meant.

This thread reads like fear mongering and conspiracy theory creating. All this talk yet zero evidence of any sort. Not even a single thread was named.

Let me rephrase his reply for you: You’re talking about “high quality posts being removed”, can you tell us which ones you believe have disappeared into nothingness?
You also say your OWN posts have disappeared, can you name any of those perhaps? You’d at least know what you, yourself, had posted.

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THIS. My topic was just taken down last night for completely false reasons. We were talking about how we see other developer’s games differently when we learn to develop. This was on #development-discussion. Then it was unlisted and locked, I got a PM from staff, and It did not even say why it was removed. I was only told that it was flagged by the community. It said you can appeal this decision at devrelations@roblox.com, and it’s not like I want to deal with Roblox’s appeal system.

I think people are abusing the flagging system, and the overworked mods don’t have time to actually review the post/topic.

Also, I’m not sure if you can view the topic of mine that was removed, but here it is.

I have noticed this too. I will see in my notifications that someone I follow has posted, I will go to the topic and I will see it has been unlisted. I was wondering if I was the only one who has noticed this going on.

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