A better way of hit detection when .Touched isn't available?

I was making a beat-saber style game (Not for release, so no need to comment about copyright)

And I ran into the issue that .Touched events didn’t work - because I was CFraming everything. And .Touched only works on Physic-based touching.

So instead I went for this approach:

-- Renderstepped Function:
local touching = newCube:GetTouchingParts()
for _,part in next, touching do
    if part.Name == 'hitbox' then

And even though it ‘works?’ it doesn’t actually register every single hit. Because of how fast paced the game is. Any ideas on better ways to do this?

Here is a GIF of the game so you get the idea of what I’m doing:

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This might be a good option for you. You should be able to find a way to repurpose it for your needs but I like it personally.


To add this, you could absolutely cover the sabers in attachments due to the fast paced nature and then check contacts that way.

Working on it as we speak, thank you!

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