A better way to display a game's badges

When it comes to achievements on ROBLOX; you think of badges. Many games have their own unique badges that can be obtained by doing various tasks in the concerned game.
Common examples are:

  • Reaching a certain level
  • Completing a specific map
  • Findding a hidden secret / easter egg
  • Participating in a(n official) ROBLOX event

As of right now, you’re charged 100 Robux to create a badge for your game, making badges something you (usually) don’t add blindly and therefore making them somewhat special.

A common thing to see is a consecutive series of badges(Lvl. 10, Lvl.20, Lvl.30 or 100 KOs, 1000KOs etc.)
When adding a new badge to your game, the badge always appears at the bottom of the list. Simply planning out every possible future badge or creating numerous slots and setting them to inactive are nice tricks to avoid this messed up order, but they can’t always be avoided.

Therefore, a relatively simple feature, which allows you to order and store badges in a more organised way would be greatly appreciated!
With this feature, you’re able to swap a badge by dragging it past another one, similar to how YouTube playlists work.
Along with being able to swap a badge’s position, the ability to create a ‘folder’ shown on the beautifully drawn paint image. You have the ability to sort this folder and put whichever badge fits the folder’s name in it.


This is actually an interesting idea that would be great for adventure games or defense games!

Having to display different sections where badges belong seems very organized and a way for users to accomplish more and more badges when joining your game often. It’s hard to organize badges from beginning to end as you’ve stated in your topic:

Long quote:

This idea and picture of what it would look like is what badges should be under the badge section but maybe a tab where “Servers” and “Store” are could be another way to view badges with the addition of folders.

Anyway, I support this idea and I would want this feature to be added anytime soon!