A better way to scale UI!

Hello everyone! I am Mario, a random person on the devforum that is willing to help as many people as possible! I am not the best at anything, I take multiple different skills like scripting and building, all of those including UI.

I have made this quick little tutorial that I’m sure not many UI designers and developers in general know about. It helps with UI scaling. If you don’t know what UI scaling is and why it’s important, UI scaling is something we do to make sure UI fits accross all devices, whether if the device is small or big or has an abnormal shape.

However, if you do know what UI scaling is and why it’s important, I’ll bet you know how to do it. But I’ll also bet that you think it’s difficult. So this tutorial I made will hopefully help you quite a lot!

Give me feedback in the replies, and if you knew this method.

Edit: I just realized the video is very low quality, sorry about that, I thought I exported it at its highest quality.


It is well known already to use scale instead of offset for in-game UI. This brings out a whole new world of techniques such as utilizing anchor point, using UIAspectRatioConstraint to maintain the aspect ratio, etc.

Over all, this was very basic, you probably should’ve searched before posting. I wouldn’t title this “I found X” because it was already found.


thanks for the feedback, changed the title.

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Yeah, I noticed this a while ago. It’s really good, so you don’t have to scale it through the properties.