A big but unexpected change

:wave: Autumn has arrived! :maple_leaf: :fallen_leaf: :leaves:
and in what better way to represent than on a map,
However, I had to make a new prison, but donโ€™t worry, my old prison is kept in a safe and sound file.
Also, I have been doing this project but there are still many things and locations missing
for now this has been done
The colors of my prison will change depending on the season
For example, winter, spring etc.
But updates will still come to my map, this is just a few previews of what I have created

What does the map contain?
Let me show you!:

  • Robberies: (FOR NOW)
    (Sinister Jewelry)


(Bank, Vault in construction)

  • Some Locations:
    (Subway Station, in progress)

(Cargo Port with Dock)

(Oil Rig):





(Cargo Ship:)

  • (Decoration:)
    (Silhouettes of mountains and boat)

*(Old Prison but not in this game)

Thatโ€™s all for now, later there will be more things added, and this game cannot be played yet

Thanks for Reading

  • murjarquitecto

Btw time taken: 4 days


Wow, this is amazing i love it, Keep it up :+1:

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Looks a lot like Jailbreak lol

If you mean prison, I agree, but you donโ€™t have to repeat it to me


What do you mean?

Also I like the look of it

I just misunderstood your answer

Good job man, you make our game look good too :smiley:

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Looking good, my favorite part is the crane with the :office:

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Nice job! It looks so good and smooth. Keep up the great work! :smile:

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Wow, This looks amazing! What color palette do you use?

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insane amount of work for 4 days! i love the cartoony yet still realistic look. keep it up!

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